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We have been active in a local and global environment for around 30 years, constructing various individual family houses in completed settlements and executed finishing works on business facilities, banks and shopping centers. 

At your disposal are FOUR DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES, with which we have years of experience, constructing different buildings and settlements that are presented bellow.

Highly recommended - YTONG technology for individual house construction, which we used in cooperation with manufacturer Xella Porobeton Si, d.o.o. This technology has many advantages over others  - it has been tested in the construction of our own standard house.

For more information on YTONG technology and their 29 house catalog, visit the website bellow:



  • In Slovenia we have participated in the construction of various buildings, such as: Ljubljana stock exchange, Murgle center, E.Leclerc at Rudnik, Car dealership Vis and many more - where we performed various final works, interior design and illuminaton. 


Settlement Lavil - 1997/1999

Settlement Lavil - 9 high-class houses with an underground garage in the vicinity of Ljubljana, located in the village Gameljne under the Smarna mountain, was built with innovative german technology ISORAST - a technology for rapid construction of passive and energy-saving houses. The whole settlement, shape and design is a result of our own development and final construction.

For more information on ISORAST technology, visit the website bellow:




Standard house settlement Bor 21 - 2005/2007

Settlement Bor 21 - in Vodice near Ljubljana, we built 21 standard houses with complete infrastructure, our own development and final or partial construction. The settlement is constructed with a classical method and materials. 


Naselje Bor Naselje Bor Naselje Bor Naselje Bor



Interior design of passenger ships

We have been active on the Croatian market since 1988. Performed final works on luxury ships for buyers from Sweden and Finland - for Vikingline and Euroway lines.




Completion of external facade and interior design 

Active on the Russian market for 5 years, building various constructions and facades - banks, as well as business facilities in cooperation with the german construction company Hochtief, Siemens and for various Slovenian and Russian clients.




Construction of a unique house in San Francisco - 1999/2004

In the US - San Francisco - LA, we also worked for 5 years, building several individual high-class villas and other business facilities in San Francisco. 

Construction technology - wooden structure with metallic static elements.